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    Музыкальный коллектив
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    Москва и Московская область
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I.Y.U.L is a Russian indie rock band from Moscow.

The songs of the band can be heard all over the world on the radio, in major film production companies' soundtracks. The songs are available in all online music shops includin iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc.

Into 2015 they desided to change their sound and started to work on a new album. The first single from future EP is named Tears and it was released in April 2015. The second single Just One Minute has been released in July 2015 and it is available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ru/album/just-one-minute-single/id1019514572?l=en and in other online music shops including Amazon, Google Play, Yandex Music and also on web radio stations such as Apple Music, Rdio and so on.

The band performes on the most popular music festivals in Russia and Europe, such Ostrov, Vozduh, Rock nad Volgoy, Metro on Stage, Evolution, Cambridge Rock Festival, Gelsenkirchen and so on.

The band consists of Iyul (lead vocal), Kirill Trepakov (guitar), Ilya Petrov (bass), Alex Trepakov (drums).  Я-звезда: статья

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